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Many individuals enjoy the positive repercussions of having a recreation management team in their community. However, many do not realize that there is a dedicated career path towards providing these services. For those interested in pursuing such a career, look below for a brief overview of what it takes to have a career in recreation management.

What Do Recreation Managers Do?

Though you may think you have an overview of a recreation manager’s duties from watching the American sitcom Parks and Recreation, the chances are that your late nights of binge-watching the series were not enough to prepare you for the intricate daily tasks involved with the job. When it comes to recreation management, the tasks can actually vary from town to town, and no two days will look the same. Recreation managers can bounce from managing activity reports to implementing safety guidelines to attending meetings. 

To be qualified for the job, employers will often look for candidates certified in CPR who have a proven background in recreational activities, special events and safety procedures. On top of these hard skills, it would also be beneficial for recreation managers to have leadership skills, communication skills, flexibility and problem-solving abilities.

How Do You Get Started in Recreation Management?

While a bachelor’s degree is not required in every recreation management role, it is highly encouraged and sought after. In most of these professionals’ lives, they have an educational background that prepared them for their roles. You might want to consider a college degree if you wish to go into this field.

Along with an education, it would also be wise to begin getting some experience in recreation-related fields and roles. Even though education is an important part of career preparation, gaining relevant experience is sometimes even more helpful. Look for some roles in your community, college internships and even volunteering opportunities that would spice up your resume. Gaining this experience early on will prepare you more for your future career and will also show you the aspects you do and do not like about the field. Other jobs you can gain experience in before moving onto recreation management are recreation specialist and recreation supervisor.

As you gain more experience in the field, you will come to find that there is a great number of opportunities available throughout the world. A career in recreation management can help you live a more adventurous lifestyle with a world of possibilities before you.