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Leaders are the decision-makers in organizations and communities. Great leaders should have a clear vision. We are all quick to point out bad leaders in society, but we cannot point out the good ones. The following are leadership qualities and characteristics that you should look out for in a leader. 

Good Communication Skills

Leaders should be able to communicate effectively. Effective communication helps your employees to understand your vision, goals, and mission. As a leader, your communication skills should be consistent in regards to laying out your expectations or when you are giving feedback. 

Proper communication helps your employees understand what is expected of them and what they are really working for in the organization. You should have proper communication channels that ensure a smooth flow of information. 


Empathy can be described as the ability to feel or know what those around you are going through. As a good leader, you should be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. They should also understand how to praise their employees in public and advice them in private. 

Empathetic leaders should guide their staff when they face challenges. Great leaders do not blame others when they face challenges. They look for solutions. 


Good leaders should be able to speak up and raise their concerns. They should be champions of change in their workplaces. Courageous leaders should be able to move things in the right direction and stand up for other people in the workplace. 

Ability to Delegate

Leaders should recognize that they cannot do everything on their own. Delegation is believing and trusting that other people can discharge duties assigned to them. Delegating tasks to your junior staff shows that you believe in their abilities and talents. Employees want to feel trusted and appreciated. Delegating tasks to them makes them feel wanted and important in the organization. 


Good leaders should be thankful and optimistic in every situation. Gratitude can result in reduced depression and higher self-esteem. Leaders should practice gratitude and appreciate others in the workplace. 

There is always room to improve your leadership skills. Some people are born leaders, while others acquire leadership skills. The above characteristics can help you become a better leader in your organization.